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 About MediumMultigen Bernedoodles

Our Medium Multigen Bernedoodles are created by pairing two Multigenerational Bernedoodles together to produce healthier puppies that will also be considered hypoallergenic, none to very little at all shedding even with a wavy or straight coat that is easier to maintain than a curly coat. Please note all dogs shed at least as much as a human, even Poodles.  Their coats require daily brushing and grooming every 2-4 months. Our Bernedoodle, Lulu was picked specifically for her low to medium energy, her high human focus, and for her desire to lean into loves and gaze into your eyes. These are traits that can and usually do pass down onto their puppies. 

They are not only stunning but are fabulous loving family pets. They are great with children due to their genes from the loving and very affectionate Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. If you are a family that loves hiking, camping, and being active but also like to have lazy days at home with moderate walks then this is your dream dog! They love to be active but in general are a more chill breed that just loves to be with their family. They love other dogs and all people, and are highly social and friendly. 

It is important to start training and socializing early in these dogs because they are highly intelligent and can start habits good or bad very early on. They need their daily walk to burn off some energy every day. We do everything in our power for their first 8 weeks of life to set you up with a wonderful eager to continue learning puppy. They are a delight to train and love to please.

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