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Meet Curry

He is proven with more puppies on the way and is open for business to outside programs and is proven. 

$1000 stud fee. We can ship anywhere in the US for $300. 


Curry is a puppy from our own multigenerational Cavapoo litter and is 16 lbs. I did not have any plans of holding back a puppy from his litter but he completely charmed me with his calm demeanor and soft silky straight coat and big eyes. He was an absolute delight to raise for the first 9 weeks of his life. He loves people and other dogs. Not to mention his genetics.


He is spsp parti, which means when bred to a solid female he will throw a whole litter of abstract puppies, with high chances of tuxedo markings because his Mom has the tuxedo markings and his dad, Toby from Pawsitively Perfect Pup Co,  carries for it as well. Also he carries hidden phantom the kykyatat so when paired with the right female he can also make gorgeous tricolors. He is double straight coat -/- so no matter what female he is paired with he will make wavy or straight coat puppies.


  He will be offered to stud out for other programs as well. His best pairings are with females that are FF since he is FI. So when paired with a solid poodle he would make F1b Cavapoos all furnished and wavy coated and abstract/tux markings. Or pair with a phantom poodle to make an entire F1b Cavapoo litter of perfect tricolors with high chances of the tuxedo markings and all wavy coated. Or pair with a F1b Cavapoo that is FF and -/+ to make puppies that are multigen Cavapoos and have 50/50 chance of being -/- to hold back puppies for your own program. Or pair with a Goldendoodle to make Goldencavapoos that are insanely adorable as well. seriously so many options for this guy to make the desired soft coats and loving temperaments.


Carries 1 copy of CDDY not CDPA the short leg gene.  OFA’s are done for his eyes, and his OFA prelims are done and passed his heart, patellas, and hips, and Penn hips passed.



he has 2 soft coat genes as well making his hair super silky.

Below are pics of his puppies.

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