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Meet Lulu

Lulu is our 62 lbs Mini Multigenerational Bernedoodle. I always thought I wanted a tricolor Bernedoodle until I saw Lulu and met her. She is hands down one of the best puppies we have ever had (and we have had some great ones!). She is so mellow and patient and learns so fast. My favorite thing about her is that she will lay down and place her paws on my feet while I work in the kitchen. She also loves to come sit in my lap whenever I am sitting on the floor. She is so eager to please and is so polite, and trained super fast. She lives with her guardian family that adores her as much as I do. I mean, just look at their cute family pictures. 


DNA clear, OFA eyes, patellas, & heart are good. Penn Hip and OFA prelim hips are done. Some laxity in her left hip so we are only pairing her with strong hipped studs to compensate.


Intermediate red 7/10 eekbkyataSspBBmmFI+/-

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