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Meet Nani

Nani is our beautiful deep intense red 25 lbs Moyen Poodle. She is insanely smart and potty trained really quick. She is not a barker. She is a little cuddle bug and will snuggle up by your neck and give you hugs with her arms, it’s the sweetest thing. She has gorgeous long legs and a soft curly coat. We searched long and hard to find precious Nani. She is so friendly to everyone she meets and loves other dogs. We all adore her, as does her guardian Momma. She will be Mom to Cuddle Cavapoos.


DNA tested and clear except she carries 1 copy of DM, clear OFA eyes, Good Penn hips, OFA prelim Hips, elbows, patellas & heart are all good.


9/10 intense red eekbkyataSspmmBBFF+/+

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