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Meet Teddy

He will be open for business in April 2023.

Teddy is our estimated 15-18 lbs AKC Mini Poodle. He is still a puppy but one day will be a daddy for our program. He is a gorgeous deep red , 10/10 intensity which is hard to find. He is eager to please, is human focused and loves all people and dogs. He is INSANELY LOVING and a big cuddle bug. He leans against people for loves, and is so well behaved. He truly is a dream. I have been so impressed with him. He is a calm quiet puppy who is just so delightful and in so many ways reminds me of our stud and family pet Boomer. I love that Teddy likes to sit in my lap and lay his head on my chest and look up into my eyes or put his head up by my neck. He loves his new guardian Momma who was actually one of my husbands choir and musical theater students long ago and we were also in a community musical together as well. She herself is studying to be a choir teacher one day. Teddy immediately was drawn to her and didn't want to leave her side. I love when our dogs get families that fit their needs and families that get dogs that also fit their needs and hearts desire. Teddy is so smart, he figured out crate training and the doggy door early on. He is so compliant to grooming and is just an easy going guy. I feel beyond blessed to have found Teddy and have the privilege to add him to our program.


Carries 1 copy of CDDY (not CDPA) and is otherwise DNA clear. OFA eyes are passed, OFA prelims for heart, patellas, elbows and hips are pending.


eekykyatatSSBbmmFF+/+ 10/10 red

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