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Cutest Puppies

Cuddle Cavapoos

Wonderful World Doodles

not too big. not too small. Just right.


Parent dogs are
genetically DNA
and physically OFA
health tested.


Puppies are raised on fantastic 'Empowered Breeder' curriculum


Puppies are temperament tested before selection day to ensure the best match for you and your puppy


Loving to all, non to very little shedding coats, just the right size options for every family stage

Hi I am Lizzy! I am a small in-home breeder and stay at home mom of 3 kids who help me raise our puppies in South Jordan, Utah. I am obsessed with raising puppies and thrive on always learning new things in an effort to raise amazing puppies for you. My focus is raising fabulous family dogs that are social, mellow, and loving to all. I purposefully look for and raise dogs that have a high human focus, are good with kids of all ages, lean into their loves, and like eye contact.

While every puppy is different, those are the traits I breed for and nurture as they develop. I only have a handful of momma dogs breeding a year so that I can give each litter the attention they need and still be a great wife and mom to my own family. Family is so important to me, I want my puppies to add to your family’s happiness and fit in with your family’s energy level and needs. This is why I temperament test all my puppies before anyone picks which puppy will be joining their family. This helps my puppies have their needs better met as well as their future families. This is an import key element to my program.

Cuddle Cavapoos

{ Range in size 17-35 lbs }


Cuddle Cavapoos are a mix of King Charles Cavalier and Moyen Poodle. An insanely loving breed to all people and dogs, the perfect size for families with young kids, & those that love to be active but still want a mellow smaller dog.

They can come in so many beautiful color combinations. They get the adorable forever puppy face, shorter snout, long ears, silky soft coat, and loving disposition from the Cavaliers, and the smarts, and curly to wavy coat and "nonshed" from the Poodle.

Cuddle Cavapoo

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Cute Cavapoo Puppies

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DNA Testing
AKC Registered Poodles and Cavaliers
DNA testing for parent dogs
OFA testing for parent dogs
Health Tested Puppies
Responsible Breeder
Responsible Breeder
Temperament tested puppies
Badass Breeder Certified
Puppy Curriculum
Online Puppy School
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