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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Us


Parent dogs are
genetically DNA
and physically OFA
health tested.


Puppies are raised on fantastic 'Empowered Breeder' curriculum.


Puppies are temperament tested before selection day to ensure the best match for you and your puppy.


Loving to all, non to very little shedding coats, just the right size options for every family stage.

We do all we can to ensure that you are taking home the best puppy by doing DNA and OFA health testing on our parent dogs, raising your puppy in our home while training and developing their minds and bodies; temperament testing our litters before selection day so that the transition to your home is as easy as possible and you can focus on enjoying your new puppy that fits your family!

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Health Tested


Our breeding dogs have been DNA tested for 175+ health disorders and have been tested by a certified OFA Vets to complete their breed specific OFA’s, Orthopedic Foundation of Animals. We make sure our dogs are healthy and are passing on good genes before we breed them. We work closely with Riverside Pet Care, a canine fertility specialists in Saratoga Springs, Utah to make sure we are making good choices for our dogs.


Raised on Curriculum


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All dogs, but our Boomer who is our family's dog, are in responsible Guardian Homes where they are beloved family pets. Our momma dogs come to live with us and whelp and raise their puppies in our home with our family in a very bright, clean, organized environment! We keep our puppy area sanitized daily. Our puppies are exposed to the many sights and sounds of a busy family life. You can follow us on Instagram for daily photos and videos of our puppies and the training we are doing with them @wonderful_world_doodles.


The first 8 weeks of a puppy's life is a very important period where much about a dogs behavior and temperament is formed.  Starting from birth we use the Empowered Badass Breeders Curriculum. it is a professional and proven training course that helps dramatically shape your puppy's personality, demeanor, health, confidence and intelligence. 


We also use Early Neurological Stimulation, which was originally developed by the U.S. Military in their canine program, it has been proven to improve heart rates and stronger heart beats, develop stronger adrenal glands, a greater tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. My kids love helping me do our puppy’s daily ENS. 

We also do Early Scent Introduction, this is where we introduce a new smell to our puppies from day 3 to 16 of their lives. It helps improve a puppy’s sense of smell from a young age building confidence in another area of their lives. It's especially important for our Mini Bernedoodles if any of them end up being a good canidate for a service dog.


Beginning week three we do a simple 10 step handling process daily with each puppy. We begin with very little pressure and build the pressure as they get older. This is SO IMPORTANT! It is helping your puppy to become desensitized to touch. Not all puppies may love it but they will all at least learn to be compliant to being handled. Your kids will thank you, your groomer and your Vet will thank you. We are always very loving and gentle as we handle our puppies.

We give our puppies gentle baths, nail clips and blow dries to get them comfortable and compliant with grooming as well. Around week three to four we start the potty-training process by introducing the puppies to our litter box. Around week 7 we take the puppies outside to go potty. 

As our puppies grow they are introduced to new age appropriate challenges and experiences, and this is the most exciting thing for our future puppy families to watch. 


They are introduced to crate training, taken on car rides, exposed to new sounds and smells, given new challenges, toys and places to explore and develop. All this is done to build your puppies confidence by empowering them and not enabling them; and to build their trust in humans and help them feel safe.

Temperament Testing


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We do temperament testing, which is a HUGE DEAL! This is done at 6 weeks old. I now use Maligator Training to come and test our puppies. Once they finish the testing then families can call them to discuss the results and which puppy would be the best fit for their needs and wants. This is amazing! It saves so many puppies from being rehomed and so many families from the frustration of owning a dog that is not a great fit for them. Trust me it would be sooooo much easier for us to let you pick your puppy at birth but that would be doing a huge disservice to you and your puppy. The Puppy Evaluations allow us to see what things your puppy still needs help with or to be sensitive to. It also allows us to see where your puppies talents are and the kind of home that would help them thrive and fit best with your environment. Doing the Puppy Evaluations takes so much more time and effort but I am a strong believer in the magic that happens when you find your perfect fit. The puppy that just speaks to your soul and fits with your lifestyle.

Example of the scoring sheet

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With Puppies, some traits are stable (just the way that puppy is), and some are adjustable (we can shape them). While we watch many traits, these are the main ones we look at while raising our puppies:

Stable Traits:

Assertiveness (with humans and dogs)


Energy Level

Prey Drive

Human Focus



Adjustable Traits:


Nerve Strength/ Resiliency 

Touch Tolerance (compliance only-not if they like it)

Sound Sensitivity

Sight Sensitivity


The Badass Breeders Curriculum we use helps shape our puppy’s adjustable traits. It helps create confident puppies that are brave and bounce back quickly when startled, they are compliant with being handled all over, they handle new sounds and sights well because we work hard at a young age to desensitize them to things that would often frighten puppies at a later age. It's so amazing and rewarding to watch our puppies gain confidence in themselves and also trust in humans. Our goal is to teach our puppies that the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly.

Family Loving



The puppies we raise are from breeds that make fantastic family dogs. They do great with families with younger kids or older mature families. Their coats are non to very little shedding. In general they are very loving to all people and dogs and just want to be near their families. They are breeds that are not inherently barkers and are pretty chill and easy going with lots of self confidence. They are raised with an immense amount of love and intention to help nurture and cultivate fabulous family dogs. 

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