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How to Adopt Your Puppy

Step 1

Wait for an email

or phone call from me.

I am usually pretty fast at getting back to you. If your application is approved continue to step 2.

Step 2

Reserve your spot on a litter

 by filling out our

      Pay $500 non-refundable

 reservation fee via

Venmo or GoodDog

Step 3

Once the puppies for your litter are born we will have 2 specific days your puppy will need to go home on once they are 8 weeks of age.

Make travel arrangements.


Step 4

After the temperament testing

is complete at 6 wks select your puppy and fill out the 

  Pay the remaining amount via GoodDog due within 72 hrs of your puppy selection.

Step 5

Prepare for your new puppy by watching these videos:


& taking this: 

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