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  • Can I buy a puppy if I don't live in Utah? How can I get my puppy to me?
    Yes, I can recommend a few Flight Nannies who will fly in-cabin with your puppy to your local airport. The Flight Nanny usually costs $700-$1,000 round trip depending on location. Or you can fly in and I can meet you at the SLC Airport. Or you can drive and pick up the puppy from our home in South Jordan, UT just 20 mins away from the SLC Airport.
  • How much are your puppies?
    Puppies are $4,500 pet price, breeding rights are additional and will be considered on a case by case basis. The reservation fee to reserve your puppy is $500, and is non refundable. Utah sales tax of 7.25% will be charged on the total price if you live in Utah. If you don't live in Utah then it would be up to you to pay your own state's sales tax on the purchase price of your puppy when you file your taxes. The reservation fee goes toward the total cost of the puppy. The remaining amount of the puppy will be due 72 hours after you make your puppy selection. We accept the reservation fee through a bank to bank wire transfer and the final payment and state sales taxes through a bank to bank wire transfer.
  • What health guarantee do you offer?
    All our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee, see our Purchase Agreement for details. Our parent dogs are DNA tested through Embark for over 175+ diseases, and we do deeper testing if needed through Animal Genetics as well. Our parents are also physically OFA tested as well by an OFA certified Veterinarian. Our puppies are also examined by our vet at 6-8 weeks old. These are living creatures that are unpredictable just as humans are but we feel confident that we have done all we can to ensure we are providing you with a healthy puppy. If any concerns ever arise before your puppy goes home we are very open and honest to inform you to let you make the best decision for you and your family.
  • Do your puppies come dewormed and vaccinated?
    Yes, we de-worm every two weeks starting at 3 weeks old. They are given their first vaccinations by our Vet at around 6 weeks old. They will need their next shots at around 9-10 weeks when they are living with you, their new family. It is important to set those vet appointments up early on and to remember to not take your puppy anywhere that other dogs frequent until they have had all their shots, including rabies shot. That means no letting their paws on the floor at the Vet or anywhere else outside of your home and yard, no dog parks and no walks until they are safely vaccinated. Socialize your pet safely in your arms or in a stroller as you take them to new places until then.
  • How can I see my puppy while I wait for her/him to come live with us?
    Please follow us on Instagram @wonderful_world_doodles, where I frequently post pictures and videos of our daily lives with our puppies, especially when we have a current litter. You get to see peeks of your puppy growing in our home with our family.
  • Once I am on a Litter List when do I get to pick my puppy?
    After the Temperament testing is done when puppies are around 6 weeks old we will do our puppy picks. We do puppy picks in the order of the Litter List. We now use Maligator Training to temperament test our puppies. You will get to talk with the tester as well as me to help you understand the test results and help you make the best selection for your wants and needs. Then YOU get to choose your puppy in your assigned time window and I am just there for help as wanted and needed. Unless in an extreme circumstance where I feel a puppy would not do well and the placement would be detrimental, then we would discuss it together and I would ask you to select a different puppy, but that is extremely rare.
  • Do you offer your studs to outside programs?
    Yes! We have amazing studs and most are hidden phantoms, kykyatat. We offer semen evaluation and next day shipping anywhere in the US for $300 when using Utah Reproduction.

Frequently Asked Questions


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