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My Story

Besides my family, singing was always my passion and my life! I Graduated from USU with a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance in 2008. I continued to sing and teach voice lessons but once I started having kids I developed nodules on my vocal chords and had to have surgery to get the nodules removed, causing me to not be able to sing the same since.  I felt devastated and lost. This was a very trying time for me but, there was a rainbow after the rain. I discovered that I had many other passions in life that had not yet been explored and that the world has many other WONDERFUL things to offer!

             Because I was forced to slow down and discover new interests, I found that I madly adore dogs! I love learning about them, training them, playing with them, snuggling with them (of course), and helping them grow to their potential. I love the person I am when my dogs are near. I never was allowed a dog growing up and it took 10 years of marriage before I convinced my husband to let us own a dog. Little did either of us know what a huge impact dogs would have on our lives. I want to share my passion with you because I have found that dogs help us to attain a simple kind of happiness, peace, excitement, self acceptance, and love that is already in us but is often buried deep by the worries and distractions of the world.  

Dogs can literally heal our hearts and show us how to focus on things that really matter; they feel intense happiness over the simplest things and are very forgiving, loving and giving.  

         I choose to breed Cuddle size Cavapoos because they are the most beautiful family friendly, loving, trainable and intuitive dogs. They are the perfect size to me in the 17-35 lbs range for a cuddle buddy or a hiking partner. Not too small that they are super fragile for families with young kids, but also not too big that they easily knock over young kids. They are all "non" to low shed dogs that are great for people that suffer with allergies and do not want dog hair all over their house.  

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