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About AKC Moyen Poodles 

The poodle coat is very soft with tight curls. It will require daily brushing and grooming every 2-4 months. Poodles come in many colors and I specifically breed for deep reds and tri colors and reds that carry hidden phantom. While most poodle’s coloring will fade, I look for dogs whose parents have kept their deep colors in hopes that our puppies will also have a higher chance of keeping their deeper colors. You just never know with Mother Nature and geneticists haven’t been able to test for the fading gene yet, so I do all I can with the current knowledge available.


Moyen Poodles are very loving and social, they think every person is their friend. They are excellent cuddlers in general and love all members of the family. Moyen poodles are typically low to medium energy, happy to be with their family but also absolutely lose their minds to be out meeting other dogs and people. They love going on hikes and adventures and many enjoy playing in the water.


I’ll be honest I never thought I would fall in love with poodles much less be breeding them, but our family pet is a Moyen Poodle and he is THE BEST dog I have ever had. He is what woke me up to how amazing Moyen Poodles are and I knew more people needed them in their lives. Moyen Poodles can be very intuitive to feelings and they make wonderful emotional support, facility, or service dogs without being too big. I look for puppies that have a wider and shorter nose when adding them to my program as well, helping to counterbalance the long narrow noses that a lot of poodles can have. 


There are very few great Moyen Poodle breeders out there and it is very difficult to find exactly what I want in my poodles, and when I do it’s usually a 2 yr wait. I want to make these magic poodles more accessible to all because my Moyens have brought me so much happiness. 

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