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Meet Buster

Buster is our Multigenerational Cavapoo estimated to be around 25 lbs full grown, he will be ready to stud March 2024. He is the son of our own Cavapoo stud Curry. He is 41% Cavalier. He is very chill and loves dogs, cats and people of all ages. He loves to cuddle. His coat is so soft and full, he is going to make incredible Cuddle Cavapoos. I wish you could meet him in person because he just has that extra special something that steals everyone's hearts.

1 copy of CDDY other wise CLEAR!

OFAs eyes are passed and OFA prelims are done for his patellas, heart, and hips.


eekykyatatSspBBFF-/- , 7/10 red

also has 2 soft coat/lowest shed possible genes

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