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Meet Duke

He is proven and is open for business and available to outside programs!

Stud fee is $1000.

Duke is our 13.5 lbs Cavalier. He was raised by one of my favorite breeders and dear friends, Barbie at Sugarlane Doodles. I am thrilled to add him to our program! Duke is goofy like a frat boy in college but is also cuddly and loves his people. He has the huge Cavalier puppy dog eyes and stunning deep colors. He has a ton of personality for his small sturdy body.

Duke will make of course fabulous Cavaliers as well as Cavapoos! He has a lot of color options he can throw when paired correctly. He can throw red varieties, phantom varieties and brown nosed, green eyed varieties, and chocolate phantom varieties. Talk about FUN! I can't wait to see his future babies.


He could make an amazing F1 Cavapoo litter when paired with a red hidden phantom poodle that also carried one copy of brown, eekykyatatBb. That would make red varieties, phantom varieties and chocolate phantom varieties and red brown nosed green eyed varieties; ALL IN THE SAME LITTER! Holy cow dying over that possibility! Ok yep I gotta make that litter myself now! Cry a little with glee with me over this amazing Cavalier stud!


Clear of all CKCS Cavalier diseases. (Carries 1 copy of DM and 2 CDDY which are inherent in the breed and not considered diseases for Cavaliers).  OFA’s are completed and passed for his eyes, heart, patellas, and OFA prelim hips and Penn Hips.


EekykyatatSspBb II-/-

he has 2 soft coat genes as well making his hair super silky.

Below are pictures of his puppies.

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