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Meet Fitzwilliam

Fitzwilliam "Fitz" is a Bourbon Mini Multigenerational Bernedoodle and a future stud in 2025 for our program to make Mini King Bernedoodles. We got him from my friend Kell at Bourbon Bernedoodles. Fitz is named after Fitzwilliam Darcy the swoonworthy hero in Jane Austen's Pride and Predjudice novel. Fitz is estimated to be around 30 lbs full grown. He should carry the rufus gene like both his parents making him get darker over time. He is 10/10 red intensity which is hard to find. He is eager to please, is human focused and loves all people and dogs. He is INSANELY LOVING and a big cuddle bug. He leans against people for loves. He truly is a dream. I have been so impressed with him. He is a calm quiet puppy who is just so delightful. He is fully furnished, is SiSi (meaning carries 2 tuxedo genes) and has a straight full fluffy coat. He also carries for brown.

I bred a couple of Bernedoodle litters in the past and absolutly LOOOVED them. However their larger size was hard to do in our small home. I am so excited to have found Fitz who we are praying stays small around 30 lbs like his parents. I can't wait to add some Bernese into my Cuddle Cavapoos. Adding in the goofiness, the Bernese lean (they lean into their loves) and more mellowness that Bernedoodles offer. Fitz is perfect to pair with our Cuddle Cavapoos Lola, Luna and Star.​ I can't wait to do some Mini King Bernedoodle litters along with our normal Cuddle Cavapoos.

Carries 1 copy of DM-b & is otherwise DNA clear.

OFA eyes are passed, OFA's for heart, patellas, elbows and hips are pending.


eeKbkyatatSiSiBbmmFF-/- 10/10 red

has 1 low shed/soft coat gene

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