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Meet Louie

Ready to breed at South Mountain in Draper, Riverside Pet Care in Saratoga Springs, Utah Reproduction in Provo, or K9 Fertility in West Jordan. His stud fee is $1500 with the limitation of no male puppies held back or being sold with breeding rights for now.

Lewis AKA "Louie" is our 13.5 lbs F1b Cavapoo. He is ready to stud out! Just locally at first until he gets older. He has got the cutest little face and temperament to match. He is a love bug who loves to snuggle and his guardian family adores him as do I. He loves playing with dogs and people of all ages. His tuxedo white markings are near impossible to get in Cavapoos, we definitely got super lucky with him, he also carries the magic color genes where he can make tricolor puppies and red puppies!

Carries one copy of CDDY and is otherwise clear. OFAs eyes are completed as well as OFA/prelims for patellas, heart, hips and Penn hips.


eekykyatatSspBBmmFI+/- 8/10 intense red

also has 2 soft coat/"non"light shed genes

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