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Meet Molly

Meet Molly our 18 lbs Multigen Cuddle Cavapoo. Isn't she amazing? She is what I one day hope to create with all or most of our puppies as far as her coat texture. She is fully furnished, 2 low shed (as low as it gets) genes, and 2 straight coat genes; making her super soft and fluffy and low low shed (what many consider non shed). And of course her tuxedo markings are perfection! It's so so hard to get true tuxedo markings in a Cavapoo and I am thrilled to have her in our program to make that goal and dream a reality for me and our families! She is so easy going, loves dogs, cats and people. We love her so much!

Carries 1 copy of CDDY, recessive DM, recessive PRA

OFA eyes, OFA prelims for heart, patellas, hips passed.

eekbkyataspspBBmmFF-/- 9/10 intense red

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