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Meet Rigby

Rigby is a proven stud with gorgeous litters! $1,000 Doodle stud fee. Cavalier females considered on a case by case basis. He can breed via AI or TCI at Riverside Pet Care in Saratoga Springs or South Mountain Canine Reproduction in Draper, or Utah Reproduction in Provo. We also can ship his sperm. 

Somebody pinch me because this boy is too good to be true! He was the smallest in his litter and is 13 lbs. Have you ever seen a cuter pout pout face? Meet Rigby “Rigs” not only is the most adorable AKC King Charles Cavalier I have ever seen but he comes from the most incredible pedigree of long lines of Champions. His Dad’s side has 9 Champions! Including his Grandpa who was a world Champion! Some are Belarus, Russia and Serbia Champions. His Mom’s side has 4 Champions & have Sheeba lines (a super well known and sought after line of Cavaliers). To become a Champion they look for things like best structure, coat texture, eye placement, ear placement, teeth, temperament, etc. So that we are breeding out undesired qualities & improving the breed over time! Laci @hydeparkcavaliers had to help me understand it all, and oh my gosh I am so so grateful she trusted me with Rigby.

Rigs has been tested through Embark & is clear to Cavalier standards. He carrys 2 copies of CDDY but that is true with every Cavalier & just how the breed is. And he carrys 1 copy of the recessive DM which is true with like 90% of Cavaliers. He is also clear of CDPA through Animal Genetics. So he won’t have the really long body and short legs that a lot of Cavaliers have. Both his parents are OFA tested and he will be as well before he breeds.

Rigby is such a snuggler and loooves everyone. His guardian family and I can’t get enough of him! Both of his parents are gorgeous with adorable round faces. It took me a long time to find a Blenheim King Charles Cavalier male that I wanted to add to our program. Rigs almost looks like a red tuxedo Cavalier (which isn't a real things) with how much red he has on him for a Blenheim Cavalier.

Clear of all CKCS Cavalier diseases. (Carries 1 copy of DM and 2 CDDY

which are inherent in the breed and not considered diseases for Cavaliers). 

He has completed his OFA eyes, as well as OFA prelims for heart, patellas, hips and Penn hips.

eekykyatatspspBB II-/- 8/10 intense red

he has 2 soft coat genes as well making his hair super silky.

Some of Rigby's puppies shown below

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