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Meet Archie

Archie THE Buckeye is our AKC King Charles Cavalier. He is estimated to be around 15-17 lbs full grown. He is a unicorn among Cavaliers because Chocolate Cavaliers are super rare. He is of course gorgeous but also so so sweet and loving and always wants to cuddle. Chocolate Cavaliers can't show with the AKC but they can be registered with the AKC, which is awesome because that way we have his pedigree! I am over the moon excited to make chocolate Cavapoos in 2024. His stud fee will be $1800 and not breeding to Cavaliers just making Doodles for now.

Clear of all CKCS Cavalier diseases. (Carries 1 copy of DM and 2 CDDY

which are inherent in the breed and not considered diseases for Cavaliers). 

OFA's are pending for his age.


EEkykyatatSspbb -/- 8/10 intense

also has 2 soft coat/lowest shed possible genes

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