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Meet Bandit

He is proven and open for business to outside programs. We can ship sperm next day shipping for $300 via Utah Reproduction anywhere in the US.

His Doodle fee is $1500 and his Poodle fee is $3500.


Bandit is our adorable Mini Poodle estimated to get around 16 lbs full grown. He is such a little doll, so soft and loving to all. I have been searching high and low for his genetics and am so excited to finally have him for our program. Not only is he intense red but he is also hidden phantom. When bred to Bernese Mountain Dogs he will make entire litters of perfectly marked tricolor Bernedoodles with awesome tan points. He also will make amazing tuxedo marked Aussiedoodles when paired with Australian Shepherds. When paired with Golden Retrievers he will make abstract red Goldendoodles. And when paired with Poodles he can make all kinds of amazing colors depending on the females genetics. His genetics are literally an open canvas of recessive genes waiting to make magic! He is a dream come true to make litters and puppies breeders and families dream of. He has two of the soft coat genes making his coat luxuriously soft. I just cant get enough of his adorable loving personality too. He is going to make so many people happy.

Carries 1 copy of CDDY and 1 DCM1 and is otherwise clear.  OFA eyes, prelim for heart, patellas, elbows and hips are passed. Excellent OFA hip prelim score! Penn hips complete as well.


eekykyatatspspBBmmFF+/+ 8/10 intense red

he has 2 soft coat genes as well making his hair super soft.

Some of Bandit's puppies are pictured below:

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