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Meet Boomer

He is open for business to outside programs. His stud fee is $1000 for doodles and $2000 for poodles. He is a proven stud with many litters.

See below for some of his adorable puppies.

Consistently collecting 500 million to 600 million sperm in a 2-2.5 ml collection with 98% motility rate.

Where do I even begin with Boomer? Welcome to our class clown. Boomer is our 18 lbs Mini Poodle. He is THE BEST most delightful dog I have ever met. So eager to please and quick to learn. He is a cuddle bug and loves everyone in our family and everyone he meets; and holy cow does he LOVE dogs. He is literally sunshine stuffed into a dog. He makes us laugh constantly. Not only all that but he is a magic unicorn among dogs! His color genetics make him have the ability to make stunning perfect tuxedo Bernedoodles when paired with Bernese Mountain Dogs, or perfect markings when paired with the right Australian Shepherd . His tan points are deep and vibrant and…he has creeping tan points so they have spread, every Bernedoodle breeders dream! His Mom was a red poodle and he himself is 8/10 red. He also can make gorgeous red abstract or parti puppies when paired with a red carrying female. When we first got him we planned to place him in a guardian home but he quickly charmed his way into our hearts and we HAD to keep him as our one and only family dog. He has brought so much laughter and happiness into our lives and I can not wait for his puppies to do the same for so many other families. 

He has been such a helpful addition to our program as we raise our puppies in our home as well; which has been an unexpected delight. He is so respectful of the momma dogs and their new litters for the first few weeks when momma dogs can be very protective of their puppies. He LOOOOOVES the puppies and as soon as he is allowed to interact with the puppies he is so involved bringing them his toys; it's the cutest thing. He gently plays with them and even helps out our momma dogs by helping teach their puppies gentle bite inhibition. He teaches our puppies that other dogs are friendly and not to be feared.

He lifts people's spirits wherever he goes with his immediate acceptance and love towards all people. He often can be seen out and about in his little rubber red booties which he wears when he leaves the house when we have puppies to protect the puppies from risk of Parvo. He is the best at recall (coming back when being called) because he has such a great relationship and love with people and is highly human focused.


He carries one copy of CDDY (not CDPA) and is otherwise DNA clear. His Penn Hips tested within the top %5 tightest of his breed, he has clear OFA eyes and has passed OFA prelims for heart, hips, patella and elbows. 


8/10 red, EekykyatatspspBBmmFF+/+

and two soft coat genes.

His stud fee is $1,500 for Doodles and $3,500 for Poodles. Guaranteed at least 2 puppies or a free rebreed.

Below are pictures of some of his gorgeous puppies.

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